Wrecked By Reality

Monday, April 05, 2010

Mrs Fuqua's House

When I was a kid in the 70's, one of the places that my parents would take me was to Mrs. Fuqua's house. Gosh I loved going over to her house. While she didn't have much of a front yard to play in, the backyard was a whole other world. A gigantic steep slope of a back yard was my playground, and the playground of many other little kids that she would babysit. A small white brick storage shed was centered at the bottom of the hill, tire swing hanging from a tree branch, and a huge garden in the right corner of the property, mostly corn.

The original Big Wheel was really popular back then, and my parents were kind enough to get me one. The was also one at Mrs. Fuqua's. Nothing like taking your life in your hands by zooming down the hill on a Big Wheel...or a bike, or just about anything that had wheels on it. In fact, somehow, one of the back tires had gotten cut open and it didn't really roll right, or brake right for that matter, and I had my share of wipeouts and rollovers on it. Kneepads? Elbow pads? A helmet?? Those were all figments of a not yet realized politically correct and safety conscious imagination in the 70's. Definitely not like today. I had my share of skinned knees and elbows, and you know, I wouldn't trade those memories for anything. The pain, though, I could totally do without.

Snow. Seemed like it would snow every year when I was a kid in the 70's. Again, Mrs. Fuqua's hill would be populated with kids, parents, sleds, discs, and anything else that would fly down the hill on snow. From first light until it was too dark, the only thing happening was trying to get down that hill with as much speed as possible. Just make sure to avoid the small, white brick shed at the bottom of the hill.

Sometimes I would be there in the afternoons and of course, nap time was mandatory. One time, well, actually, it was probably more than one time, we would get caught jumping on the beds. Good times! She generally wasn't happy to have us do that. I was also there occasionally in the evenings, and her house was the place that I learned how to play Spoons.

Jennifer and Ricky, thanks for sharing your mom with a bunch of kids from the neighborhood and church. I can't really imagine growing up any other way. Events in life have a way of triggering memories that haven't risen to the surface for a long time. This past weekend, Mrs. Fuqua passed from life to death to a new life in the arms of God.

Just like she did for me and and all of those now grown up little kids, God is taking personal care of one of His own now.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

The Return...Again

Hi! It's been a while.
Too long, in fact.
For better or worse, I have decided to start blogging again.

My goal is to blog somewhere within the five times a week range, and we will just have to see how that is going to work.

Since I posted last, I have changed jobs, joined Facebook, and irregulary update my Twitter account. I have become an uncle for the second time. I was also the 2009 FBCMJ Gridiron Leage Fantasy Football Champion, but alas, the actual trophy has been elusive. Currently, I'm in the fantasy hockey playoffs in my primary league.

Since I am a hockey fan, I decided to spend a bit of money and purchase the online version of the Center Ice package. I have really enjoyed watching lots of hockey this season, and even convinced my girlfriend (yeah, I have a girlfriend) to get the actual Center Ice package for Direct TV. Yes, guys, I'm THAT lucky.

And before you ask, this isn't an April Fool's joke.

See you tomorrow.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Pot Tarts...Not Quite

The girl scouts are enacting a new marketing strategy to increase their cookie sales.

Now, the agriculture badge benefits the bottom line. Girl Scouts have announced that parents no longer have to buy uniforms for the girls.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

How Many Fingers Are We Holding Up?

Fantasy hockey has finally come to an end, and after spending time in fourth place for most of the season, I ended up getting to the finals again, only this time I am the first loser. Not bad for my first two fantasy hockey seasons.

And now, for and explanation of the title of this post:

Week 2 of softball was last night, and I ended up playing third base due to the absence of our normal third basemen. During game 2, around the third inning, the batter hit a line drive shot that glanced off the left side of my head, and put me on the ground. Up until that time, I had been playing 3B pretty poorly, including a few bad throws to first and one horrible throw to second base. Note to self: warm up next time!

I was around 65-70' from home plate at the time of the line drive. The ball had to have been travelling somewhere between 60 and 80 mph because it was on me instantly. According to the field umpire, I had actually leaned my head back before the ball hit me, so it ended up not being a straight on shot. As I fell, everything went black and came back in just a second or two, and I heard the conclusion of the play. That's when a multitude of heavenly hosts (hey- it's a church softball league) surrounded me. After being helped up, I moved our left fielder in to play third, our right-centerfielder to left, and I went to right center. But, I am tellin' ya, the world was moving more than it should have been.

Fortunately, we got the third out, and one of the other fielders walked me in, and guess who was up to bat first in the inning? Yep. I ended up lining my next two hits and getting on base before relenting to a pinch runner. And we won the game to boot.

The side of my head is skinned up some, but no headaches or nauesea, which is good. And the floating, light headed feeling is pretty much gone now.

Hmmm...I think I've earned a week off...

Monday, March 17, 2008

The Return

It has been a while, no?

Lots of things have happened since my last post:

At Opryland, I got to work the Major League Baseball Winter Meetings and rub shoulders with the likes of Buster Olney, Peter Gammons, and Jerry Reinsdorf in the press room. Any audio that came from any of the press conferences was straight from me! Many former players and managers were there as well...it was baseball cards come to life! I also had the opportunity to be involved in the dance and cheer competitions in December. Nothing like watching girls blow out ankles and knees. They were even throwing up on the mat. Good times!

As of January 2008, my car is paid off! WHOOO! It is about freakin' time. I also decided to recommit to the tithe. I have been so out of whack financially during 2007, it was time to get back to the basics of giving. And I knew that this would happen, but God is blessing my giving, and even though I shouldn't be amazed, I am!

Last weekend, we had a men's conference with Johnny Hunt and Clay Crosse. Our church's house band backed Clay. Dan, our drummer, brought his almost 40 year old Ludwig set that is a pleasure to mic. The snare sounded like Paradise City.

I am going to be an uncle again very soon, and I will be tuxed out for Kent and Amy's wedding on the 29th. Their blog is a new link on the left. The bachelor party was this past weekend, and the waitress at Famous Dave's serenaded him with Anita Baker's "Sweet Love". I think everyone in our section of the restaurant enjoyed it.

And since I know that people will want to know, I ended the fantasy football year in 6th place. Fantasy hockey is currently in the playoffs. Last year, it came down to my team versus Kent's team for the championship and I prevailed. This season, I played Kent in the first round, and I won again. Sorry, dude!

For Christmas, Beth and Tim got me a year's subscription to NetFlix, and it is pretty cool. So far, I have seen Live Free or Die Hard (very good), Spiderman 3 (another worthy sequel, although the Peter Parker/MJ Watson dynamic drives me insane), Hustle Season 1 (They are the Pros of Con! Highly Recommended), and Layer Cake (not bad, so so, Tim loved it). Coming in a day or two, The Kingdom, with my chick, Jennifer Garner. I am looking forward to seeing it.

Well, time to get back to work. Maybe one of these days, I will have internet access at the house again.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Blade Runner: Nashville

Well, it has been raining here in the Nash since early Monday morning, and it is really bringing me down. I know that we are behind on rainfall to the tune of 16" for the year, but I need a freakin' sunny day soon or I'm gonna...ahem, where was I? Oh, and if you have never seen the movie Blade Runner with Harrison Ford, take a look, because not only is it a good movie, but it rains through the entire movie. Highly endorsed by the Sandman! Thus the obvious reference. It also means that our final evening of softball was rained out on Monday as well, and the reschedule is this coming Monday. Wonder of all wonders, we have won our last four games. Pretty amazing if you ask me.

Anyway, if you haven't heard of Ronald Jenkees, please check this guy out on YouTube, where else? Load up the first video and be amazed! I don't know if his 'look' is a persona for YT, or if that is really him. He looks like he really has lots of fun, and comes up with some really good beats.

On my way home last night, I had another driving satisfaction moment. The light was red on Demonbraun and 8th, and just as the light turned green for the Demonbraun traffic to go (ie, ME to go), this dude zips a turn left off 8th when his light was obviously red. About 3 seconds later, one of Metro's finest in a silver sedan comes through with lights and siren blaring and pulls the dude over. Good times! Too many people get away with doing dumb crap on the roads and they are eventually going to get someone hurt or killed.

And what is up with the Preds? They got stomped 6-0 vs the LA Kings last night. Things are slowly getting dim in Smashville this season.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fantasy Update

Uncle Smashmouth is doing pretty well in the FBCMJ Gridiron League this season. After going 0-2, my team has run off 5 straight wins. LaDanian Tomlinson and Antonio Gates are back after the bye week this past week, and I just lost Ronnie Brown for the season with a completely torn ACL (ah - the memories!). After last season's debacle, I am still a little gun shy, but I am definitely enjoying the season thus far.

Uncle Crosscheck isn't doing quite as well, but the hockey season is longer than football (duh), and so I am happy with my position right now. Goaltending is a major concern for me right now, but I am hoping that it will get better as the season wears on.

Just like I am hoping that the Predators will get better as the season wears on. After starting the season 2-0, the Preds can't buy a W. The "because of money purge" over the summer + the coaching and ownership attitude that the Preds will be competitive = a reality that isn't very suprising to me. I know that they will be better when Shea Weber returns to the lineup, and that can't happen soon enough in my opinion. At least the new jumbotron looks great! Yo Sandman - it looks like he shot that vid right above your head.